Taloo Gold Residency – Karachi


Taloo Gold Residency In Karachi is a building consisting of 14 stories. It has large number of residential apartments and commercial units as well. It is situated in Scheme 33 on the main road.

Taloo Gold’s apartments consist of 4 and 5 rooms and all of them are corner apartments. Units have been designed by using latest building expertise that all of them have high-quality light and ventilation system. It also provides shops and showrooms on the main roads. The commercial units can be acquired to run any type of business such as Super stores, Banks and Franchises etc.

Taloo Gold Residency In Karachi is a wide project providing all necessary facilities at one place. This project contains library which is a great source of spending quality time with books. There is a facility of gymnasium which is used by both males and females to keep themselves healthy and fit. Mosque is also present which is used to say prayer. A community center is situated which is used to prosper social interactions.

Project Downloadable

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  3. Taloo Gold Residency Payment Schedule 4 Rooms Type B
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  8. Taloo Gold Residency payment scedule 5
  9. Taloo Gold Residency Payment Scedule 5 Rooms Type A
  10. Taloo Gold Residency Layout Plan

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