Property Management

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Two levels of service are being offered here that will perfectly suit your requirements. The comprehensive services are explained below. Finding a professional and money saving Property Management services couldn’t be any easier.

A: Letting only service

  1. Inspection and rental valuation of the property.
  2. Marketing the property ( Professional Photography & Floor Plan )
  3. Receiving enquiries and accompanying prospective tenants wishing to view the property.
  4. Careful selection of tenants. Tenants will usually be referenced (Tenant Funded) whose report will include credit score, electoral information, public information such as CCJs, employer’s reference/salary details, previous Landlords reference if appropriate, and any potential of fraud warnings.
  5. Preparation of Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and relevant notices in accordance with the Housing Act 1988 (as amended by 1996 Housing Act).
  6. Collecting the first month’s rent and dilapidation deposit.
  7. Signing up the tenant and releasing keys, forwarding copy documents and payment to
  8. Preparation of a detailed inventory of property contents and condition with supporting photos.

Details of Fee

Letting only Service

A one off fee of 50% of the first month’s rental or (Minimum £350.00)  – No Vat apply –

B: Management Service and Complete Letting

  1. This process holds within all 1 to 8 items along with the above:
  2. 12 month rental guarantee is provided.
  3. Keep track of the late payers and make sure they pay the rent.
  4. Collection of rent is done every month and forwarded to the Landlord’s bank account via BACS along with the details of the monthly statements.
  5. Property inspection after every three months and conveying the report to the Landlord.
  6. Any repair or minor damage to the property will solely be the responsibility of the Landlord.
  7. If required, then the garden can be maintained and arranged.
  8. Insurance claims can be dealt with including the completion of the claim form, getting quotations and arranging the insured repairs.
  9. If during the lettings, the property is empty then:
  10. Cleaning arrangement is provided if needed
  11. Utility accounts are closed
  12. Heating timer is left on during winter
  13. Repairs are arranged
  14. Taxation advice is provided
  15. The utility accounts are transferred to the tenant’s name.
  16. Check out report is prepared and the highlights of discrepancies are provided to compare with the initial inventory.
  17. Negotiation of the deposit deductions with the current tenant and the repairing services are arranged.

Details of Fees

Management Service and Complete Letting

A fee of £150.00 is discounted and after that collection of 10% of the monthly rent is done.

What’s not included

  • Before we can accept your property for our property management service, you’ll need:
  • An EPC
  • An up to date and valid Electrical & Gas Safety Certificate